Validate the security posture of your cyber security product with real applications and a complete range of threat vectors.

As the demand of new products and solutions in the field of Cyber Security is getting high, the lack of good mentors and technocrat to mould the team is 1% in size in India. Also like other products Cyber Security products also need a Test Bed to finalise the product quality. Toogil will fill those gaps with International Mentors and the Test Bed facility.

Advantages of Toogil

  • * Act like a Test Bed to check the quality of Cyber Security product developed by Startups thus it will reduce the time to enter new products into the market.
  • * This will help more startups to come and develop cyber security products which can be useful for Indian Market since 96% of the cyber security product used in the Indian markets are from Israel, UK, USA etc.
  • * Helps the Industries to check their products and solutions are fit with Cyber Security Standards and this will help them to make the clients more satisfied. Also helps them to follow the DevSecOps Concept in the development.