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Next Generation Cyber Defence Centre

Strava Cyber Labs ® (P) Ltd, is a first-of-its-kind of A Cyber Defence Centre, for the Detection, Response & Protection of Valuable Digital assets from Cyber Attacks. The Centre is designed with a human-centric focus, with a vibrant collaborative environment which helps the Government & Business Sectors stay ahead of Next Generation Cyber Threats. We are ready to assist you with adversaries from strategy to implementation against cyber threats that need to get out of your way.

As the Cyber Attacks are increasing year by year, and pointing to the next era of war as Cyber War or Cyber Warfare, the need for preparing people, organizations, law enforcement agencies, etc are so crucial. And here comes the need of a Cyber Defence Centre, which is capable of providing both Offensive & Defensive measures, Warfare Training, Counter attack measures etc during a Cyber Warfare to protect the critical assets of various organizations as well as Government. Keeping all this in mind Strava Cyber Labs launched its advanced Cyber Defence Centre global headquarters at Chennai, India.

The re-structuring of the cyber security department of our parent company leads the creation of this new venture Strava Cyber Labs ® Pvt Ltd - A Cyber Defence Centre. With over 8+ years of extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity along with our parent company in working with Government departments, Startups, MSMEs, & Large scale Industries, our team is well-equipped to handle your most complex security challenges.

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