If an organization struggling to provide its stakeholders with the assurance they need around risk management and controls, then this service is for them. SOC reporting provides a broad range of assurance reporting frameworks that can enhance the trust and address transparency issues. Through this activity, the SOC team can analyze networks, servers, and database, which ensures timely detection of security incidents.

Additional capabilities of our SOCs services include advanced forensic analysis, cryptanalysis, and malware reverse engineering to analyze incidents. The customized data breach investigation report from our service helps organizations close the gap of data breach and stay on top of the threats facing their environments.

  • Monitoring

    We offer 24X7 monitoring services that will find, detect, and respond to all types of cyber-attacks. Our managed SOC providers follow a threat intelligence technique that will give a clear picture and actionable pro-active guidance for high-level of assurance to that organization. As soon as they detect an incident, they simply generate an alert and suggest a response.

  • Scanning

    SOC Scanning will keep on scanning the systems or network devices within the organization for any weakness or vulnerabilities.For this, we have a team of security professionals that scan the system and report any known vulnerabilities on the spot.

  • Manage

    Security Operations Center Managed Services offered by our Defence Centre offers advanced defensive security by keeping both defensive and offensive techniques that can be used to alter the protections in mind. We manage the security technology products like SIEM tools, endpoint detection, firewalls, etc. effectively.

  • Incident Response

    Our team is of totally dedicated experts who are there for instant help in the case of suspected breaches and offers effective management. Moreover, our team includes a Managed Soc Provider experienced in managing all types of breaches like insider threats, malware, DOS, etc.