Strava Cyber Labs set ups the Cyber Defence training at its premises to provide cyber security training services to corporate/professionals from law enforcement agencies as well as the financial industry and to bring out better cyber workforces.

The Cyber Defence Training platform can facilitate team based cyber attack and defence exercises. We invite enterprises and government agencies to experience a new way to train cyber security professionals and improve their skills. It also enables trainees to practice responding to attacks in real-life settings including security tools, network architecture and traffic that reflect their actual work environment. It provides a rich and up-to-date catalog of simulated attack scenarios, including ransomware, enabling cyber security experts trainees to improve their skills and accelerating the on-boarding process for new team members.

Cyber Defence Training can also be used for the investigations and analysis of cyber attacks as well as Cyber defence exploration and research.

  • * Help cybersecurity professionals prepare for real-world situations.
  • * ‘Blue-team-red-team’ model of attack/defence training.
  • * Allow organizations to learn and practice with the latest techniques in cyber protection.
  • * Assistance in re-creating similar cyber range labs at customers premises.
  • * Our experts will work closely with organisations to understand their business goals, and security challenges and offer test runs on proposed cybersecurity solution/infrastructure.

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Tracks Aligned to Industry Needs Featuring

Cyber Sentinal

This track is designed for those who are managing security solutions from various security vendors. These engineers are generally part of an operations team which manages the security products in 24x7 environment. A good security operations engineer is expected to have very solid understanding on fundamentals of networking and also excellent command over security products.


Cyber Sniper

For managing and enhancing SOC related skill set, this track is for those professionals who are responsible for managing the security operations of any large organization. Fresh engineers opting for this track will be equipped with enough knowledge so as to make them qualify for SOC engineers position.

Cyber Sherlock

There are many products and services companies which consistently test their applications for potential security loophole. Unless all top security-related bugs are fixed the application cannot be deployed in production. Cyber Detective Track teaches you those skills which are required to thoroughly test the application in test environment or sometimes in live environment to catch security issues faster than a hacker. A secure application is the best way to defend your applications from malicious users.