Why should MSMEs & Startups have a SOC as a service onboard?

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March 2023

Small businesses including MSMEs & Startups are increasingly becoming targets for cyber attacks from the past few years. In fact, according to the report of CEC 12 unit of Strava Cyber Labs, small businesses/MSMEs/Startups are 60% more likely to be hacked than large businesses. This is because small businesses often have limited resources to invest in cyber security, and they may not have the expertise and solutions to properly protect themselves.

A Security Operation Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) can help small businesses to improve their security posture and protect themselves from cyber attacks. A SOCaaS provider will monitor your network 24/7 for signs of malicious activity, and they will respond to incidents quickly and effectively. This can help to prevent data breaches and other costly disruptions.

Here are some of the benefits of having a SOCaaS on board for your small business:

  • Reduced risk of data breaches: A SOCaaS provider can help to reduce the risk of data breaches by monitoring your network for signs of malicious activity and responding to incidents quickly.
  • Improved compliance: A SOCaaS provider can help you to comply with industry regulations, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.
  • Increased productivity: A SOCaaS provider can free up your IT staff to focus on other tasks, such as developing new products and services.
  • Reduced costs: A SOCaaS provider can be more cost-effective than hiring and training your own security team.
  • Improved security posture: A SOCaaS provider can help you improve your security posture by providing you with insights into your security risks and recommending best practices for improving your security.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a SOCaaS provider:

  • Reputation: Make sure that the SOC provider has a good reputation and has expertise in handling end to end security.
  • Experience: Make sure that the provider has experience working with small businesses.
  • Capabilities: Make sure that the provider has the capabilities to monitor your network and respond to incidents quickly.
  • Pricing: Make sure that the pricing is affordable for your small business.
If you are a small business, you should consider all these factors to invest in a SOCaaS. This can help to protect your business from cyber attacks and improve your security posture without affecting your business growth. Want to learn more about Strava Cyber Labs “SOC as a service for Small Business” to secure your data from Next Gen Cyber Attacks? Speak with Strava Cyber Labs, CEC 12 Unit team of experts today.
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