C-Safe 360

A framework for better cyber hygiene

Strava Cyber Labs, rebranded existing Awareness Campaign Cyber Safe Kerala to C-Safe 360 with the vision to spread the Cyber Awareness across India for student groups, teachers along with the parents and also among the organizations. This initiative would help us to achieve our vision of 2025, safer place in Internet for Child Surfing and Demystify cybersecurity.

For Whom

School Students and Faculties

C- Safe 360 program serves as a platform to empower students with enough knowledge to have a positive experience online, and the confidence to stand up for themselves when someone else challenges with inappropriate behavior.

One-time awareness training is not sufficient to make the students make safer in the Cyber World. Although many students at this age level know the basic ways to stay safe while online, they must also commit to ethical online uses. So, a real time interaction with the Students , Parents & Teachers is inevitable to make them more up to date in Cyber World since it is changing every day. With C-Safe 360 program, teachers and administrators can create a more systematic approach towards thoughtful internet safety and security education.

College Students and Faculties

Students and faculty represent the most dynamic and knowledgeable population in any society. The demand for people trained in the field of cybersecurity is growing 12 times faster than the overall job market. Students with limited professional work experience may lack appropriate knowledge and expectations to work effectively in cybersecurity departments.

Along with the cyberspace awareness and providing guidance on how to protect themselves from potential cyber attacks, C-Safe 360 program helps the students in their startups, provide incentives and scholarships to innovative ideas, and helps with strong build career in cyber security.


Cybersecurity has the largest demand as well as the largest gap between demand and supply. The broad use of technology around the world is ever-growing and evolving threat landscape. As a result, informed and adept cybersecurity professionals are an integral part of every team. Unfortunately, the cybersecurity skills gap remains a critical issue.

Cybersecurity professionals are some of the most highly-sought-after individuals across industries, yet many of these jobs remain unfilled as organizations seek experienced IT candidates that have a specific background in security. And because demand for seasoned professionals has surpassed supply, they are increasingly difficult to hire.

To help fill this skills gap, C-Safe 360 program by Strava Cyber Labs helps the organizations need to establish or reinvigorate their training and education programs to create new talent in the field.